What the LENOX® Passion for Performance Means for You

Our company began in 1915 with a 10 employee team and a passion for bringing customers hacksaw blades that cut faster and lasted longer. Now, more than 90 years later, our passion hasn’t changed—but our team has grown to more than 600 people who manufacture and market the LENOX® products in more than 70 countries. Our ISO 9001-certified facility in East Longmeadow, Mass., boasts a 500,000 square ft., 11 acre space for designing, testing and manufacturing power tool accessories, hand tools, band saw blades, torches, solder and accessories.
Our passion for performance drives our continuing investment in our plant, enabling extensive research and development to integrate the most advanced manufacturing technology. You can experience the results in products that outperform conventional tools—and bring you more value.


Dimar Canada

Dimar Canada features the most extensive line of industrial woodworking cutting tools. Dimar tools are distributed worldwide where they have become a byword for Premium Quality and reliability.
All Dimar industrial tools are manufactured to exceed the highest standards in the industry today and have been tested by the esteemed HOLZ-BG Institute in Germany. Thus the material, construction and cutting geometry, comply with strict safety regulations.
We offer a wide variety of Router bits, Saw Blades, Dado sets, Planer/Jointer knives, Drill bits and Cutters for industry, workshops, craftsmen and the advanced do-it-yourselfers.
Dimar’s team of resourceful engineers is continuously researching and developing new and innovative tools, using the latest CAD techniques.
Special grades of carbide have been developed for our tools with the co-operation of the world’s leading manufacturers of tungsten carbide. These carbide grades are designed to withstand the longest wear when cutting abrasive materials and hardwoods. Mirror finish grind is standard on Dimar tools. All Router bit bodies are CNC machined and ground for maximum concentricity.
Dimar Saw Blades are laser cut and ground for maximum flatness.
Dimar tools are supplied nationwide by a select group of dedicated dealers. Technical advise is always available to assist and support our dealers to better serve the woodworking community. Requests for custom made tools are always welcome.

International Carbide & Engineering

ICE was started in 1977 as a sharpening and repair operation for the carbide tipped saws and tools used by Ponton Wood Products (PWP), LLC. a manufacturer of industrial lumber products. Because of the expense of outside vendors, the start-up cost for ICE, as a service to PWP, LLC,was easily justified.
Soon, a 50/50 stock corporation was formed with an expert in the carbide tool industry.
After two years of foundation-building in the development of a machine product line and market penetration, 100% control of the company was acquired by R.S. Ponton, the current president and CEO.
Because the industrial lumber market was flourishing, management's time was needed by PWP, LLC in the expansion and marketing of that company; therefore, ICE was allowed to coast on its own momentum.
ICE continued to coast for several years, but it actually coasted "uphill". In late 1984, it was obvious that it had evolved into a "goldmine".
The machinery, related products, and services were refined and a formal advertising and promotional program was established.
ICE now benefits from an excellent world-wide reputation and is a significant leader in the industry.

Misenheimer, Inc.

Having the right tool for the job is especially important when it comes to shaping wood.
Considering all of the ingredients which are crucial in maximizing production, Misenheimer has the technology and experience to get the most from your machinery investment.

© The L.S. Starrett Company

Where it Began
Headquartered in Athol, MA, in the heart of New England, where manufacturing began and evolved into what it is today, Starrett has a history and reputation so rich and solid that the words "quality" and "Starrett" are virtually synonymous.

The company employs about 2,000 people worldwide, with many based in the Athol plant, where it is not uncommon to see devoted generations of toolmakers with 30 or more years of experience. Starrett is the last remaining full line precision tool company to be proudly manufacturing their products within the U.S.A.

Thousands of Precision Tools, Gages and Instruments
The broad Starrett product line includes precision tools (micrometers, calipers, rules, etc.), tape measures, levels, electronic gages, dial indicators, gage blocks, granite surface plates, optical measuring projectors, vision systems, vises, M1 lubricant, and precision ground flat stock. Much of the Company's production is concentrated in hand measuring tools and precision instruments that many manufacturing companies, from small machine shops to Fortune 500 firms, buy for the use of their employees.

Saw Blade Products
In addition to tools, Starrett is also a prominent leader in saw blade products, with a broad line of band saw blades, hacksaws, hole saws and jig and reciprocating blades. There are blades available to cut anything from metal and wood to exotic space age materials.

Wide Market Penetration and Distribution
Starrett tools are essential for inspecting and cutting an endless number of products that are measured, cut, formed or assembled. By far the largest consumer of Starrett tools is the metalworking industry in general, and more specifically the automotive, aviation, marine and appliance industries, farm equipment shops, machinists, "do-it-yourselfers" and professional tradesmen. Their products are sold throughout the United States and Canada and over 100 foreign countries through distributors and dealers. There have been numerous acquisitions and innovative product line expansions in many categories in recent years in an effort to more effectively serve its customers.

Tired of sorting through dozens of blade profiles in search of a good resaw blade? Wood-Mizer has addressed the problem with the creation of the SilverTip™. This blade is made specifically to meet the needs of the resaw industry.

The SilverTip™ features much tighter manufacturing specs than the competition's blades. The SilverTip™ is made with a higher carbon content than most blades, with a high-durability steel suited to high-volume sawing environments. We know we have the strongest steel, because we put it through rigorous testing at our very own blade laboratory.

Blades are available in all lengths.


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and leading manufacturer and supplier of lawn mower blades and other outdoor
equipment parts

We offer more than 8,000 quality products - among the widest selections of first-class,
innovative products available in the industry.

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