Moira Precision was established in 2002 with a
goal to assist the machine tool industry by
offering higher quality, value driven, precision
tool and cutter grinding. Starting with our
local area customers, we proved to provide
a more superior grinding service than our competitors.
With 25 years experience Mark Hedger has made Moira Precision
the leading custom tool grinding and sharpening center throughout the entire southeastern Ontario from Pickering
to Peterborough to Cornwall and all areas between.

Moira Precision is capable of being your
complete, dependable, quality tool grinding
source. From standards to specials, our many
years of experience and precision grinding
equipment will provide the quality assurance
and customer service you deserve.

We currently service many local and
southeastern Ontario companies on a regular
basis. By working with designer, engineers and production departments, many cost saving
tooling programs have been instituted.


We must learn to appreciate the power that we are wielding when spending our hard earned dollars. Know that by using your dollars to purchase North American made goods it has a compounding effect on the US and Canadian economies and therefore on Canadian and American working man. When you buy foreign merchandise you send your dollars overseas that money leaves our economy and helps support another country.

We all know where and how this all started that the North American consumer thatís you and me by the way not some stranger in the next town or one province or state over, it is you and I that are to blame, for we just couldn't resist the temptation of saving that extra couple of bucks on that foreign brand and so the decline started, now we can't afford to buy North American made items when we occasionally come across them because we're barely making ends meet at our low income jobs because our employers can't can't compete with the cheap foreign labor of the near 3rd world places we all buy our less expensive ďbargainsĒ from. Itís become a runaway train that we canít get off of, it all appears to be beyond our control but we must find away to break free from it. We must support North American made products itís the only way out.

Our Reputation

Our reputation is proven daily. We get most
of our new business by referral.

Customer Service

We put our customers first, and no job is too
small. Whether you need just 1 item or 1
million, let Moira Precision be your
grinding department.

Emergency Service

EMERGENCY SERVICE is available if you need
1-2 day turn-around. Call for details.

Mark Hedger

Office 613-242-7660

1665 Moira Rd.

Roslin Ontario



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